Top Four Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Body (The right Way)

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Spring has sprung! Though I am really sad that snow season is over and I have to put my skis away in storage, it is also time for swimming and soaking up some sun! Foodwise, I’m stoked to toss together some fresh salads, blend some fruit smoothies, and break away from those wintery stews I’ve had for months. It’s time to do some smart spring clean-up, and by “smart” I am talking about making some refreshing changes with real, yummy food and not some trendy juice detox fad.

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Here are my top four tips:

1. Field to table

Take advantage of the sunny season and plant a garden in your very own backyard. Don’t have a backyard? Don’t fret – there are quite a few community gardens across the city that you can be a part of. Not only does this give you fresh produce, but it is also a great bonding activity for the family and a way to get to know your community.

2. Check out the farmers’ market

Don’t want to grow your own food? Go on an adventure and check out the local farmers’ market. The Alberta Farmers’ Market Association has an excellent page on its website that has a list of many farmers’ markets in Calgary and the surrounding areas.

3. Fresh is best!

Make a salad with the local, fresh colorful seasonal produce that is available. Fresh, local seasonal produce is packed with more nutrients than produce that is harvested before ripening and travels miles to get to us. Try including at least two colors of vegetables or fruit in all of your meals and snacks (at least four colors a day).

Recipe: Sesame Chicken With Fennel and Orange Salad.

4. De-clutter your kitchen

I have a small confession to make – my pantry is a nightmare. I know that there’s a pile of expired canned foods hiding in the corner somewhere and a bag of cheap Halloween candy that I never gave out. As much of a hassle, this is, I make sure I clean out my pantry and cupboard every year in spring. Grab a cardboard box and start a donation pile for the local food bank (and don’t forget to also purchase some nutritious items to replace those that you're getting rid of), and toss out any expired foods. Do the same for your fridge. Now you have space to stock up on seasonal produce and healthy foods.

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*written by Evelyn Cheng, Dietetic Intern, Edited by Sarah Remmer, RD



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