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Safe Sustainable Weight Control

Housing a highly skilled and enthusiastic multidisciplinary team, Calgary Weight Management Centre provides expertise to patients seeking assistance with achieving and maintaining a healthier weight

Diets don’t work because no one can “diet” forever. “Diets” come with a start and an end, and often with the end of a diet comes weight re-gain, or relapse.  Those who try many different diets frequently experience weight cycling - the repeated loss and re-gain of body weight.  For many people, weight cycling can also lead to feelings of discouragement and failure, which can then contribute to further weight gain and lower self-confidence.

Calgary Weight Management Centre is a patient focused weight management facility that provides comprehensive and realistic weight loss and weight maintenance programs to adults, children and families who struggle with their weight.

Overview of Health Services:

  • Medical Assessment
  • Personalized Treatment: CWMC® now offers all treatment options outlined in clinical practice guidelines for weight management, with the exception of surgical intervention.  These include:
    • Physician Support
    • Dietary Counseling
    • Physical Activity Counseling
    • Psychological Counseling
    • Medications (as indicated at discretion of physician)
  • Comprehensive programs focusing on all key areas of weight management
  • CHANGE Program - combining Low Calorie Intake with a Behaviour Modification Program
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Support for consistent, lasting weight loss
  • Pediatric Weight Management
  • Eating Disorders Assessment and Treatment

Calculate your BMI

The body mass index (BMI), is a mathematical calculation of the weight of a person scaled according to height. Click here to Calculate Your BMI

Call Calgary Weight Management Centre at 403.272.CWMC(2962)
for more information or to book your assessment.

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Phone: 403-272-CWMC(2962)